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Rehabilitation Equipment

MedCOR, a Scarborough-based, family-owned business, specializes in high quality home medical equipment and rehabilitation supplies.

Mark Hassett, owner and president of MedCOR, believes his company is serving a need in the Scarborough area, as the region is rich with medical offices, but is limited in serving the “medical home” population. “We wanted patients to be able to come into our retail store for their home medical needs,” he said.

According to Hassett, becoming Medicare-approved enabled MedCOR to expand into ┬áthe latest dimension of MedCOR’s offering of durable medical equipment. This equipment is available in the Scarborough retail store and to rehabilitation homes, nursing homes, physical therapy centers and more.

Rehabilitation Equipment

Hassett, who has worked in the field since 1995, said that his company started small, but has now become multi-faceted.  MedCOR distributes rehabilitation and orthopedic supplies to physicians, physical therapists and orthopedic surgeons.

“We can offer anything from capital equipment to therapy supplies on the rehabilitation side, but we also offer service to surgeons through our orthopedic surgical implant division,” he said.

Hassett believes that there aren’t many businesses in the state offering products and services similar to what MedCOR provides. He also feels that his company will continue to grow because of the regional demand. MedCOR’s business focuses on northern New England, in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

Contact Information:

MedCOR Proffesionals, Inc.

Mark Hassett, Owner and President
152 Route 1, Unit 7
Scarborough, ME 04074
Office: 207-222-2828
Fax: 207-221-9622
Toll-free: 888-633-2674