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Jeri Kelsey

Life Coaching for Retirement and After

Retirement and the years after retirement are a time of major life transition. Our society cautions us to prepare financially, but what about our emotional, spiritual and social needs? What about our quest for meaning and purpose and creativity as we become older? Our culture often fails to provide positive answers to these questions.

My mission as a Life Coach is to help older adults find your own answers to the questions you bring to this important time of transition. Life Coaching is a creative process that uses a variety of techniques to help you discover new perspectives on your past, present and future, and encourage and support you as you create your own unique vision for this time of your life. The years beyond retirement can be a time of accelerated growth, renewed interests and aspirations, new goals, meaningful activity, deeper connection to others and community, and to our own sense of our place in the world.

Jeri Kelsey - Harvest Life Coaching

I use life coaching techniques to help you:

  • Harvest the wealth of what you have already experienced and accomplished over your life. I support you as you distill your life experiences to create meaning, purpose and direction for the years to come.
  • Design the life you want now and for the future. We explore your skills, values, dreams, and purpose. I support you in creating and taking the action steps to follow through on your chosen goals.
  • Savor your life in the present. Our life coaching conversations can deepen your awareness of your creativity, your resources, your relationship to others, to the world, and enhance living in the Now with enjoyment and appreciation.

I offer coaching sessions of 30 or 50 minutes. Our coaching conversations are usually conducted by phone (or skype) with email support between sessions.

You are invited to call me at 207 844-0924, or email to request more information. Send me a life question you might want to talk about! That’s the best way to discover how life coaching works, and how Harvest Life Coaching can benefit you personally.

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