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Kim and Liz are sisters who understand the emotional and physical challenges of cleaning out and moving a house.  They were asked to help clean out their parent’s attic.  Where does one begin when faced with the proverbial 40 years accumulation of Barbie dolls, old science fair projects, letters from camp and all the rest?  Seemingly every item had a story and would evoke a memory.  The project produced a lot of laughs, a lot of reminiscing, but they accomplished nothing.  It begged the question:  Does everyone have a hard time parting with once cherished possessions?  The answer had to be “yes”.  The two sisters realized that they could help people tackle this unenviable task that we all face at some point in our lives.  Committed to helping others and determined to offer a valued service, Liz and Kim started SimplySized Home.

Are you an empty nester with closets and cupboards full of things you no longer need or use? Have your kids grown up and started families of their own, yet you still have boxes of their treasures stored in your attic and basement?  Are you thinking of transitioning to a smaller home, or a simpler lifestyle, but the thought of moving saddens and overwhelms you? 

SimplySized Home can help! They understand transitions like these are emotionally and physically challenging for the whole family. It is their mission to guide you through the difficult process with the sensitivity and dignity you deserve.

Areas of focus include: Home Downsizing, Moving Management, and Resettling Services.

Home Downsizing:
Home Downsizing, often called Smart-Sizing or Right-Sizing, is the process of moving from a larger home to a smaller home. SimplySized Home can help simplify your belongings by systematically emptying and sorting cupboards and closets throughout the entire house. They thoughtfully clear away the excess, while encouraging you to keep only the most cherished and needed possessions. After all, who really needs 47 vases? Once you and your family members have decided what you want to keep, they work with reputable antique dealers, consignment shops and various charities to ensure the balance of your treasures are sold, repurposed and recycled.

Moving Management:
SimplySized Home will coordinate all the details of emptying your house and moving you to your new home. They will arrange all the logistics including working with real estate brokers to bring your house to market, coordinating local and long distance shipments to family members, renting storage units, hiring and managing the movers, disconnecting and reconnecting utilities and overseeing cleaners.  They are able to coordinate and manage any stage of the moving process from beginning to end.

Resettling Services:
Any way you look at it, moving day is hectic! At SimplySized Home they  are committed to seeing you through the entire moving process.  When the moving truck arrives at your new home, they are there to meet them at the door.  Working in conjunction with the movers, they unpack each and every box and thoughtfully place and organize your belongings in your new home.  Your beds will be made, refrigerator stocked, pictures hung, cable hooked up and packing supplies removed.   You will not only feel welcome, but relieved and excited to be in your new home.

Transitions are difficult for anyone at any age. SimplySized Home understands and empathizes with their clients and families.  Waiting until the last minute is the most difficult time to make decisions about your home and a needed transition. Every situation is unique and they work hand-in-hand with clients to devise a plan that meets their needs.   SimplySized Home pledges to do all that they can to make this often overwhelming process go as smoothly as possible.

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